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Muriel and Joyce Get a Boat


Some folks ease into their golden years, others look forward to untethered adventure. Muriel and Joyce get more than they bargain for when they attend the funeral of a dear, lifelong friend. After the service Joyce catches a glimpse of an affair from her past. An old song begins to play in her head and the sight of Quinn leaves her shaken; skeletons aren’t supposed to step out of the closet. And before she’s had time to catch her breath and slow her pulse, she and Muriel find out they’ve inherited a 19’ sailboat! So much for a sleepy retirement and on to adventure! And on their way to becoming sea-worthy, Joyce and Muriel must navigate their very different lives. Joyce, has the comfort and company of her son and his family while Muriel lives a solitary life as a golf widow. Her husband Bix is the ever-absent partner in her life. --So absent, in fact, that he doesn’t know of his wife’s inheritance until it’s dropped like a bomb at the breakfast table. When Joyce has a second chance encounter with Quinn, (what are the odds? After all these years?!) she can no longer pretend that she’s not obsessed with her memories of a night spent together years ago, and she turns to Muriel for advice. But there are rough seas ahead. Things don’t go well when you keep secrets from your best friend—for decades-- and she finds out about it. Especially when she has a secret or two of her own.

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The Cast

Reprising their roles as Muriel and Joyce, Gail Curtis Snyder and Martie Groat return for the feature length version of Muriel and Joyce Get a Boat, joined by Jacob Burrell as Al, Lori Moore, and Ikeem Bosemann. 

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