Filmmaker . Director . Actor. Editor. Teacher. Life enthusiast.

Born in 1985, Laura Kay Henderson grew up with a love for movies, theater and all things storytelling. She began acting on stage when she was 13, started modeling at 19, and began acting for film when she was 21. As an actress she has filmed in the United States, Canada, France, England, Italy and South Korea.  She is the founder of SHE Films Media, LLC, Bare Backstage Productions, LLC and the 501(c)3 non-profit 

Queer Theatre Kalamazoo, where she served as Producing Artistic Director from 2013-2019.  Laura began working as a videographer in 2010 and founded She Films and Photography with a friend. As each in the pair forged futures independent of the business, Laura began to focus on documentary work with local non-profits.  Laura officially founded SHE Films Media, LLC in 2018 with the hope to provide more opportunities for new and emerging talent, to showcase female-driven work, and to positively represent the LBQ community.  When not on set, Laura is an adjunct-professor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College where she teaches Public Speaking and Interpersonal Communication. She currently resides in Southwest, Michigan.

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